Throughout my life there has been water. As a child I climbed the colored sandstone banks along the Rock River where Blackhawk’s spirit lingers. We would go “up north” to the clear sandy bottomed lakes where with my imagination I floated out on my raft of logs. A six mile bike ride brought me to the Shopiere dam where I would sit just under the falling water looking at the world from behind the falls. I canoed and then sailed on more lakes.

When I moved east I would go to the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean in winter as well as summer to find treasures.... but I still remembered the lakes. On the west coast I would walk along more beaches collecting rocks surrounded by gray skies where mountains hide. Like life, water unceasingly changes and transforms itself. It is where life begins and ends.

In this lithograph the crescent represents the reflective and receptive powers of the moon. The waning moon, the end of the moon’s cycle, shines over the woman’s life that is too ending.

K.Brussat Butler