My paintings are watercolors and my prints are lithographs. I love both mediums and enjoy going back and forth between them. From a very early age I’ve been serious about making artwork.

For over fifty years I haved worked exclusively on paper. My watercolors are large, colorful images of people in different situations that can be both subtle and bold at the same time

The colors in my watercolor palette are many. When the pigment and water are brushed onto a heavy pure white paper and begin to run and flow, unexpected accidents occur. The transparent washes are unique to this medium and one of the reasons that I love working with watercolors. My goal is to combine the subtle areas with the areas of strong color, ending with a painting that is pure.

I began making lithographs in the late 1980's. My knowledge and experience gained from years of painting in watercolor was very helpful in being able to lay down and control the pure washes on a limestone or on aluminum plates. In lithography the image is drawn on a limestone using oily substances. To me there is no better surface to create an image than a smoothly ground limestone. The most wonderful washes can be create on them. Many of my lithographs are printed in black ink. But, I also make lithos with multiple colors by printing several different plates along with the key image on the limestone. I have worked with Master Printers for many years, Craig Cornwall at Triolbite Workshop in Olympia, WA and Jim Reed at Milestone Graphics in CT.

The ideas for my work come from multiple sources. I like to delve into and look at the many different aspects of a subject that will eventually become a series of works.