In 1980 Convito Italiano commissioned me  to create a number of  paintings for their restaurant. Over the years I would be asked to add to their collection.


The Wine Series was created for Convito in 1989. The paintings were hung in the restaurant and the images were used on their menu.

Over the years people would often ask if the paintings were available for purchase. This led to publishing Giclee prints of The Six Stages of Wine Tasting. Larger Giclee prints were made of the series and were hung in other restaurants. A portfolio of these Giclee prints is currently available.

The Wine Series Characters Sipping Wine

French and Italian Patrons

In 1990 Draegers Market was planning to open their new market in San Mateo when I met them in New Orleans at the Hot and Spicey Show. I was commisioned to create 3 large paintings, 2 diptykes and a triptyke. The theme of the paintings were portraits by famous artists gathered together eating and drinking wine.

The 2 diptykes are available as giclee prints.

These three paintings are the most recent ones completed after Betise and Convito were combined bringing their French and Italian flavors together.

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Notice Grandpa Draeger in the group!


Larger Giclee prints of the wine series in the Conference Room